The Beak ƒ(x) 24 bit Color mixer.

Move your mouse over the color grads to mix the background color. This is a real time javascript color mixer and converter, so you can see clearly the relationship of the three primary addative colors. Clicking in a color grad will lock that particular channel, clicking again will unlock it. There is even a bonus RGB to YUV conversion going on at the bottom of the page, so you can easily see that video colorspace has fewer colors than 24 bit RGB. The RGB to YUV matrix is the OGL/IGL code that SGI hardware uses internally to output YUV.

Have fun.



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Color Range
Color Range
Color Range
Hex R Hex G Hex B
Dec. R Dec. G Dec. B
Background Color Hex:   RGB:

Text Color Hex:   RGB :

Video Color space (ITU BT 601.4) Y Cb Cr